There Was a Declan Who Swallowed a Key

There Was a Declan Who Swallowed a Key…

Last winter, as I was relaxing one Sunday evening watching TV my middle son, Declan, burst into my room yelling, “Mom! I swallowed a key!”  He then promptly burst into tears. I wasn’t sure how to react to such a bizarre statement, but seeing my baby so upset I hugged him and asked him calmly to tell me exactly what happened.

“Well, I had the key by my mouth and Ty made me laugh, and I just swallowed it.”

“What key?  Your house key?”  I asked still confused.

“No it was that toy key that Ty has.”  After further investigation, the key in question turned out to be smaller than a normal house key, more rounded, and plastic.  What toy it went to, I am still unsure of, but that wasn’t the point so I moved on to searching on my phone as to how serious this situation actually was.  Did I really need to leave the comfort and warmth of my stretchy pants and blankets? No, Google, told me it should be fine. If there is no problem with his breathing, these types of things usually just find their way out naturally.  Our Sunday night continued as normal, but as the quiet of the dark, sleeping house settled around me, I began questioning my decision to not go to the ER. I got up every hour and checked on Declan, occasionally poking him to make sure that he stirred.  All of us woke up safe and sound the next morning to a large amount of snow piling up around us. A snow day. Relief. No need to call into work and stress about getting sub plans ready.

Once our doctor’s office opened, I called and spoke to a nurse who spoke to a doctor and called us back.  She told us the doctor put in an x ray order and to go to our nearest Spectrum Health lab, lucky for us one is right down the road.  Since it was a snow day, all of the kids were with me, we piled everyone in and were in and out pretty fast. It was determined that the key was in a safe place and should pass naturally, and that I needed to keep an eye out for it just in case.  Awesome. My next few days involved digging through my 7 year old’s poop to make sure all was fine. And all was fine in the end. Gross, but fine.

It was after this event in my life so far as a mother that I really learned not to be so quick to judge other parents.  Often times after hearing about tragic or crazy events involving kids I instantly place blame on the parents, but in reality sometimes things just happen and there isn’t just one person or thing to blame.  My situation with Declan was not that serious or in any way tragic, but it has made me pause before I think, Well, that would never happen to me.  We need to spend less time judging and more time offering kindness to those who experience crazy or horrific things. Because you just never know if you will one day, in turn, need some of that support yourself.

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