Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Splashing in the puddles on a rainy summer day

not caring how wet and dirty you get

you wander down the road to find a bigger puddle

as I stand at the end of the driveway

to watch you,

to make sure you are safe from the cars that pass by.

Laughing and giggling

running and splashing

carefree and enjoying this day,

despite the rain.

As mud and water cover your clothes,

I frown at the thought of the laundry I have to do.

My jaw clenches at the vision of muddy footprints

marring my floors.


I continue to watch

you laugh uncontrollably

all because you are splashing in a puddle

on a rainy day.

And I have to stop and remember

how quickly these days pass by,

even the rainy ones

that seem endless

when trudging through

the tedious daily routines.

The giggling and laughing

running and splashing

may not come as easily as the years progress.


As I stand and watch you get filthy and wet,

I can’t help but smile at how precious

these little moments are.

I stand and stare

at the end of the driveway

and try to etch this moment

of spontaneous fun and carefree giggles

into my mind.

So I can remember it when the


of motherhood overwhelms me.

Remember how your innocent

play and laughter

turned this gray rainy summer day

into a bright moment of my life.

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